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Protect Your Copyright Privileges

A copyright is a right granted to the author or originator of literary or artistic works. The copyright gives an author or originator of a creative product the sole and exclusive privilege of copying, publishing and selling that creative work: music, literature, choreography, landscaping design and many other creative works such as sculptures or toys.

Obtaining a copyright is not normally a complicated process. To register a copyright, an author or developer of a creative product can file a registration, enclose a copy of the creative work, pay a fee and then wait to receive a copy of the registration in the mail.

In addition to helping inventors obtain patents and trademarks, Maenner & Associates, LLC, has a great deal of experience in the area of copyrights. We help authors and artists to identify artistic aspects of their works and file copyright registration applications in the U.S. Copyright Office.

Attorney Joe Maenner has helped clients obtain copyright registrations for songs, poetry, artistic designs and three-dimensional articles, including bobbleheads, masks, and much more.

What Happens If Someone Infringes On My Copyright?

A copyright may prove to be very valuable in case another party infringes on the copyright. You may be entitled to statutory damages in the thousands of dollars if someone infringes on your copyright.

Intellectual property lawyer Joe Maenner can help you determine the parameters of your copyright protection and complete the necessary documents for filing correctly. He can also advise you on how to respond if you believe that your copyright has been infringed.

We Can Facilitate Your Copyright Registration

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