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Representation For Intellectual Property In The United States And Abroad

The advent of the internet has made one thing abundantly clear: Information travels fast. To properly protect intellectual property, individuals and business need to be fast, too. Moreover, it is no longer enough to think locally. All creatives, be they artists or inventors, need to think globally. At Maenner & Associates, LLC, we protect our clients’ work so that they can embrace their creative freedom. From our office in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, we provide services across the United States and in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and more.

Our founding attorney is Joseph Maenner. As a trained engineer and a well-versed intellectual property attorney, he has both legal and business insight. He understands the value of our clients’ work, including visual and fine arts, technological developments and complex problem-solving. His experience as an engineer, as an adjunct college professor, and as in-house counsel for technology companies places Maenner & Associates, LLC, in a unique position to predict our clients’ needs in the long-term and implement legal solutions that meet those needs.

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At The Cutting Edge Of Science And The Law

The law is always racing to keep up with scientific and technological advancements. This is no surprise to most of our clients. However, it has serious implications for individuals and businesses seeking legal counsel. When considering a lawyer, we encourage clients to ask themselves, “Does my lawyer understand how to protect my property in a world where there are still legal gaps?”

At our firm, the answer is yes.

As an engineer and a legal professional, attorney Joseph Maenner is equipped to think innovatively. He can evaluate complex cases quickly, including those involving highly technical and delicate medical and mechanical devices. He believes that our clients deserve thoughtful and creative legal solutions that protect their interests in the long-term. He uses his technical skill to identify potential intellectual property problems before they become a costly and time-consuming issue.

Saving Clients Time And Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Our firm works to find cost-effective and inventive legal solutions globally. To schedule your first appointment, reach out by phone at 215-789-9357 or online.