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Medical Devices

Intellectual Property Rights And Its Impact On Medical Devices

Because of the highly technical nature of medical device engineering and installation, even minor alterations may require intellectual property protections. Unfortunately, not every attorney is able to understand the scientific and engineering nuances involved in medical device innovation. At Maenner & Associates, LLC, founding attorney Joseph Maenner is a highly qualified engineer as well as intellectual property attorney.

Joseph Maenner has the unique combination of skills you need to protect your innovations. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Why Medical Devices Require Special Attention

Medical devices build upon decades of technological evolution. Whether you are an engineer developing a new ball-socket joint for hip replacements or a surgeon with a specialized technique, the average layperson is not equipped to understand the extent, nuance and import a seemingly small change can have on a medical device’s efficacy. Our attorneys have decades of scientific and legal experience. We provide services for:

  • Chemists
  • Engineers
  • Medical researchers
  • Surgeons

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, our firm represents clients across the United States and worldwide. We bridge the gap between technological advancement and the law.