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What Is A Trademark? Do You Need A Trademark?

A trademark or service mark is a mark of authenticity. It distinguishes manufacturers or providers of a particular service from others. A word, symbol, device or any combination of these may constitute a trademark. Potential customers identify the goods or services provided by the owner with the owner and the measure of goodwill that the owner has developed with respect to the specific services or goods.

Registering a trademark can be an important step in building on a strong reputation for a product or service. As intellectual property lawyers often remind clients, the most valuable asset of Coca-Cola is not the carbonated drink — and the most valuable asset of McDonald’s is not the hamburgers.

Rather, the most valuable asset of each is the brand name and the visual representation of that name: the name Coca-Cola written in its familiar script, and the name McDonald’s, along with “the golden arches” symbol. How do you want your product, services or company to be represented through a trademark?

Dependable Trademark Searches And Federal Trademark Registration

As a significant portion of his intellectual property law practice, attorney Joseph Maenner counsels clients in the selection and use of trademarks. He helps product manufacturers or service providers obtain federal trademark registrations.At Maenner & Associates, LLC, we help clients obtain trademarks for their goods and/or services. Joe Maenner applies his law school-era experience as an intern in the U.S. Trademark Office as well as years of experience to each new client’s case.

We begin by searching for similar existing trademarks that may be likely to cause confusion with the clients’ proposed marks. We provide opinions regarding the potential registrability of their marks. If we believe that a proposed mark can be registered, we will file a trademark application in the USPTO.

We have abundant experience working with trademark examining attorneys to obtain trademark registrations for the desired marks.

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