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Intellectual Property Law

Protecting Your Work For Years To Come

Intellectual property (IP) is a broad term. Generally speaking, it refers to works that are more than just physical, and encompasses patents, trademark, copyrights, and trade secrets. IP protections apply to the underlying ideas and innovative thinking that leads to creating the work. Legally, IP solutions can be used to protect inventions, company branding, works of art or trade secrets (think “formula for Coca Cola”).

No matter who you are or where you are from, your creative work is important. When our clients develop an effective new technological or scientific advancement or create a new work of art, we work to provide the best legal protections possible. At Maenner & Associates, LLC, we are more than just lawyers. Our founding attorney is an engineer and a university professor. We take intellectual property seriously because we understand how important it is on a personal level.

Comprehensive Intellectual Property Services

Maenner & Associates, LLC, works with inventors seeking IP law solutions, including:

  • Patents: A patent is a grant of rights to exclude others from making, using or selling one’s invention and includes the right to make, use or sell the inventive device or process, or license to others to make, use or sell the inventive device or process, subject to the patent rights of others. We help clients navigate the complex process of filing for and obtaining patents.
  • Trademarks: A trademark is a distinctive mark of authenticity, with which the products of particular manufacturers or providers of a particular service may be distinguished from those of others. A trademark may consist of any word, symbol or device, or any combination thereof. Attorney Joseph Maenner helps his clients through the process of trademark registration.
  • Copyrights: A copyright is a right granted to the author or originator of literary or artistic works that vests within that author or originator the sole and exclusive privilege of copying, publishing, and selling such works. Discuss your artistic ideas with Mr. Maenner and learn how to register and protect a copyright.
  • Trade secrets: Protect your trade secrets such as client lists, recipes, and business plans. Talk to an experienced intellectual property attorney at Maenner & Associates, LLC.

We provide services to clients around the world, with past and current clients in Europe, Asia and Oceania. We also pride ourselves on our up-to-date technological representation. We provide services to medical device and engineering companies for some of their most sensitive IP issues.

We Defend Your Intellectual Property Rights

At Maenner & Associates, LLC, attorney Joseph Maenner helps inventors through every phase of the processes of obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights. Learn how Maenner & Associates, LLC, can help you accomplish your intellectual property goals by calling 215-789-9357 or emailing the law firm.

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