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Knowledgeable, reliable advice and direction in intellectual property legal matters from a mechanical engineer-turned-patent attorney.

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Maenner & Associates, LLC, is a well-established intellectual property law firm focusing on patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret protection. We offer customized intellectual property strategies that help inventors and product developers retain control over their products and services.

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There Is No Substitute For Experience In Intellectual Property Law

Why hire an attorney to research and pursue the patent, trademark or copyright that you seek? Insufficient knowledge of the intellectual property protection processes can be quite costly for inventors. Those who attempt to go through the processes on their own often end up with problems that are more difficult to solve than the original quest should have been.

Clients of our law firm receive valuable information and guidance as they seek intellectual property solutions that enable them to manufacture, develop and/or license their products.

Former Practicing Engineer, Now Professor And IP Attorney Serving Clients Nationally And Internationally

Intellectual property attorney Joseph E. Maenner skillfully helps clients explore their options and expand their understanding of the most appropriate legal tools for their unique purposes. He guides clients through the steps involved in:

  • Obtaining patents
  • Registering trademarks
  • Registering copyrights
  • Protecting trade secrets

Previously a practicing mechanical engineer before becoming an intellectual property lawyer, Mr. Maenner possesses diversified knowledge in many fields related to clients’ inventions and innovations.

His track record of success inspires confidence in our clients. Inventors who work with Maenner & Associates, LLC, quickly come to appreciate the value of his in-depth experience and practical guidance.

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